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6 Tips for Planning your Perfect Micro Wedding

Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular. And there are many reasons for that! Many younger couples think smaller budgets and tighter circle of friends and relatives. They want to experience their special wedding day to the fullest without distractions for complex protocol and catering to people they almost don’t know. We are all for that – it is your day, it has to be on your terms. In intimate weddings every little detail counts. Unlike larger scale events where the itinerary runs all day and the events may take place across various places, in small scale weddings everything is concentrated and there is no time to fix little hiccups or make any adjustments.

What to consider when planning a micro wedding?


Your intimate wedding might be a small event in scale, but one of the biggest events in your life. It is full of very significant details and emotions. Suddenly every little detail matters: the accessories, clothing, flowers, words and music. And it is a beautiful thing with beautiful emotions behind it!We won’t be able to give you the perfect recipe, but based on our experience in weddings we can help you highlight the key points that will help your special day go smoother.

Wedding planning stage


Unlike with larger events there are less details in micro weddings to think of. And many take it as a relief. But those fewer things that need your attention on a micro wedding day do not happen by themselves either. So ignoring the key components might throw a few unpleasant surprises – from unavailable venues and locations to backordered dresses and flowers and cakes delivered to wrong places.

What helps with wedding planning? 

  • Realistic expectations about budgets. With cost comes quality.Compromising on the price means worse materials are used, the timeframes might be not guaranteed etc. With lower price come compromises and sometimes results you could not anticipate. Take that in mind when you evaluate wedding service vendors.  
  • Realistic expectations about timing. As mini wedding planning has a shorter cycle some of the elements take the same time frames i.e. a wedding dress you want will still take the same amount of time to order, or the cake can not be made overnight.
  • Realistic expectations about control. While we make every effort for the events to run smoothly and do our best to prevent certain things. Especially those that might go wrong! There are circumstances that are beyond your control such as weather, traffic and Aunt Jenny who is always late. Acknowledge that it might happen and the day will still be a great day!
  • Delegating. How hard it is to order a cake and flowers. Micro events may be deceiving with a seemingly smaller number of elements but the list may get out of control pretty fast. Trying not to trouble anyone, might be a noble motive, but you will end up answering a call about directions to the reception in the middle of your own ceremony. Have a close friend stay on top of all the logistics.   

Micro wedding budget

Compared with full scale weddings, micro weddings are helping to save you tens of thousands of dollars. It is up to you where to save, and what to splurge on. Small ceremony budgets might be a bit deceiving sometimes as there are elements that may cost the same, (such as dress and bridal makeup). But you are saving a lot on a wedding venue and dinner, decor and wedding program performers. With shorter hours the intimate wedding photography and videography investment will be less as well. Keeping your budget under control will get you pretty good savings while having a beautiful ceremony with very little compromise. You can use the rest for a property down payment or a trip.

What should your intimate ceremony include?

The beautiful thing about micro weddings is that you are fully in control of who your ceremony would look and what it would look like. The exchange of rings and a kiss is a small part of it. Some ceremonies may include longer speeches and wows, as well as traditional or cultural elements such as stepping on rushnik, crushing a goblet, or mixing colored sand. These symbols have traditionally spoke to your ancestors and offered an invisible protection and blessing for your married life. These are beautiful moments that always bring tears to those present and stay in your memory forever. 

What to discuss with wedding officiant

Weddings increasingly have become civic ceremonies. That does not mean that the person who officiates the wedding does only the formal part of helping you to sign paperwork. It is the key person during the ceremony that reflects your expectation of life together. It is the person that offers a symbolic affirmation of your union. You want this moment to be magical.Wedding officiant will help you to plan the ceremony. Be sure to mention all the elements that have to be incorporated. If you want to do the speeches, make sure you have enough time to work on them without stress. The beauty of a non religious ceremony is that you can make it about the beginning of your journey together on your terms. 

Micro wedding venue

Wedding location or venue is very important. It is the moment that many years on you would cherish in your memories. For many it is a signifying moment. That is why the place or venue is deeply meaningful. Outdoor locations are popular in late spring or summer. But these come with many challenges – depending on the weather, they are primarily public places with passers by,  boisterous kids, curious pets, and passing traffic that might take away from the significance of the moment. And did we mention that they are also not free? You will pay a few hundred dollars, and the best spots have to be booked in advance. With an outdoor location you have to have a rainy day game plan as well. 

That is why smaller scale event venues or wedding chapels become increasingly popular. We have designed our Orchid Event Venue with intimate micro weddings in mind. Check out the space details to see how well it fits your micro wedding needs 

 While most micro weddings are planned with the thought to save some money while enjoying the ceremony that has meaning for the couple and their friends and family, planning it right from the beginning will ensure you will enjoy it the way you always wanted.



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