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9 things you might regret not doing at your micro-wedding

As a wedding officiant, I talk to a lot of couples. Couples young and old, couples about to marry, and people who went through a divorce before. It is a lifetime of hopes and experiences. I love to hear their stories. It helps me understand how to make their wedding day a perfect experience.

Putting even a micro wedding together might be a stressful experience: the list of guests, family politics, budget, florals, and bridesmaid’s dress color. Everything needs a yes or no answer and everything has a price tag attached to it.

But the special day passes and cherished memories remain. No matter how many great adventures you have had together, the memories of your wedding day will always be special. You will come to remember it many times over and over again. Looking in retrospective:

What are the things brides regret not including in their micro wedding?

Tight wedding day schedule

We tend to think of events going smoother than they are in reality. In micro weddings, it seems, there are so few events, and things go faster. The guests’ arrival takes less time, and so does the bridal party walking down the aisle… Make everything last longer. Take an extra breath, spend extra few moments holding hands. After all, isn’t it why you planned it as a micro wedding – to focus on each other. Take your time chatting, and laughing. Make the moments simply last longer!

Budget wedding dress syndrome

Yes – I hear this a lot! When you think of a mini wedding you often think of less formal, more casual, you tend to simplify things. The budget happily approves a neutral inconspicuous dress. But trust me, if you ever wanted to wear that fabulous dress straight out of your dream and then decided then to pass on it… Chances are you are going to regret this looking back. Your wedding on any scale is a great opportunity to enjoy your dream if you really wanted it. Just go for it!

Live floral decor

For a micro wedding, it seems like too much hassle and a little too much money. But how often do I hear: “if I were to do it again – I’d do it again”. It is the scent that fills your heart with excitement! It is always festive and vibrant! Many years down the road – you will remember a glimpse of your special day just feeling the smell. Another great thing is that now there are great methods of preserving the bridal bouquet in epoxy. A great reminder of the day that will stay with you for years to come.

Uncomfortable shoes

They sure do look amazing on the store shelf, might even look great on your feet. But very uncomfortable shoes can put a whole other perspective on your day. You want to look elegant but you also want to make at least a few steps down the aisle and stand through the ceremony without screaming in pain. Still, want to wear them? Sure, but bring spare ones just in case…

Micro-wedding venue or location

Perfect venues are often expensive, even the ones on a smaller scale. But it is not about the size or the decor. I find that you will be always happy if it was a place that has a special sentimental meaning. While often outdoor locations may be sentimental but are not always feasible (or accessible), a cozy event venue might be just what you needed, just make sure it is a great setting for your day.

Wedding in the wrong season

We all have our favorite times of the year! Each season is unique – spring brings flowers, summer is festive, fall brings beautiful leaves, and if you are lucky wedding pictures in snow are unforgettable. But it has to be your season. In micro weddings, we tend to compromise, pressured by time, budget, or some other considerations…But if you did dream it to be at a specific time of the year – go for it! Everything else can wait! There is always compromise with paperwork done at a different time than the ceremony.

Wedding photography and videography

With cell phones and a lot of your friends having cameras, it seems that professional photography and videography ( that usually come with a high price ticket) can be skipped altogether. Not until you get the results… Weddings are the most difficult subject for photography and videography. It is an event that can not be repeated. There is a moment of unpredictability, different lighting scenarios that might be changing…
As much as you think you will remember the things as they are or rely on phone snapshots – you might come to regret it later. Not only is it great to have the digital files of the day – you might turn them into a great book with the most vibrant moments of the day. When you get the files – do the backup and keep them on a few different sources – be it your computer hard drive, cloud storage, or CD. Keep in mind that USB drives may demagnetize.

People on the guest list

Guest lists get complicated. Not only they must include those who are close to us, but we also have to think about who is missing from it. Inadvertently you can seriously hurt someone’s sensibilities. Especially when it comes to family members. Creating the list is walking a tight rope – on one hand, you want to be surrounded by your favorite people, on the other hand, there are people that have to be there despite family grudges, or not that easygoing character. No matter how tempting it is to leave some people out – it might spoil your relations for many years. Treat it as a very serious matter.

Wedding day memorabilia

There are little sentimental things reminding you of the day…Garter, invitation, printed wows, pressed flowers from the bouquet, a guest book… No matter how cheesy and sentimental. Keep them for the day when you will feel nostalgic about your very perfect wedding day. Planning a wedding is full of compromises, and so will your new family life. It is a great opportunity to learn not to forget about yourself and reach for the things that make you happy!

What are you waiting for? Get married today!

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