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Micro Wedding The Touch of Tradition

Micro Wedding: The Touch of Tradition

In the vibrant city of Toronto, it is common to see the bride and groom coming from different traditions and different backgrounds. Including the traditional elements in the wedding ceremony adds a wonderful touch and makes it uniquely yours. All these beautiful traditions have wonderful tales behind them and are there for a reason. Being in touch with the history of your ancestry, and repeating the rites that your ancestors did for centuries creates an invisible connection between the past and the future. It is amazing to see that some traditions are consistent and are widely spread across many cultures, while some are very culture-specific, or can be restricted even further to the tradition of a small region, or even a tiny village. While incorporating the elements of specific tradition it is important to understand where it comes from, and what it means. Be prepared that some older members of the community might raise their brows…

Bridal Gown Colour

We all are used to the white color of the wedding gown. It symbolizes purity and innocence. Surprisingly it is a relatively recent tradition. The wealthy noble brides usually sported rich colored silk dresses throughout history (burgundies blues and golds were their favorite). The folk tradition of many countries always includes vibrant colors with lavish touches of red as a good omen for prosperity. In some traditions, the hands, shoulders, and neck have to be covered, while looking at a Holywood-style wedding you might even see a good glimpse of lingerie through the dress… Well, the good news is there are a variety of options to honor tradition – like wearing a beautiful Chinese red gown, a Japanese kimono, a hand-embroidered leghna, or a silk saree. With micro weddings, there is always more flexibility where a white dress is just one of the options.

The meaning of the veil

Veils and head coverings have a profound meaning historically. In many traditions, the bride has to be hidden from the public view (and often from the groom’s view) to protect her from the evil eye, or for modesty considerations. While in some traditions the bride shows her face when she meets the groom at the altar, in others her face remains hidden until the first kiss. Of course, in our day and age, the veil mostly is used for its aesthetics and that fabulous feeling of being a “princess for a day”.

Lucky flowers

Flowers traditionally speak a wonderful language of symbols and allegories. Some flowers serve as a beautiful omen for long and prosperous life together: peonies, roses, jasmine – all fragrant and tender. Rosemary and lavender also bring with them a refreshing smell. You can compose a bouquet that will express your dreams and hopes. While the world of fragrance can be incredibly fascinating, be sure to verify that none of your guests is allergic or sensitive to scents.

Ring Finger

Not in all traditions the ring finger is on the left hand. In a variety of eastern European countries, also Spain Portugal, Greece, and as far as India. In these traditions, the right hand is associated with righteousness and all that is good (whereas the left hand has a bad connotation, in addition in India the left hand is considered to be “unclean”). The tradition to wear the ring on the left hand 4th finger dates back to ancient Egypt, as it was considered to be closest to the heart with the “vein of love” connecting them. For practical reasons, this is the less used hand, therefore less risk of damage. In Jewish tradition, the ring finger is the right-hand middle finger. It was also required that the ring should be gold, without stones or inscriptions.

Bad and good luck omens for weddings

The wedding day signifies the beginning of life together. So naturally, any traditional signs of good and bad luck can be taken more seriously just in case (even the forgotten ones). One of the most well-known is the superstition about seeing the bride before the wedding. Well, back in the day the weddings were arranged and the bride and groom did not see each other, so this little white lie was supposed to safeguard the bride. Now, many couples still keep this tradition but for an entirely different reason: to experience the romance of seeing each other as if for the first time. It is so emotional, be ready to tear up a bit. While you always want great weather on your wedding day, in some traditions a little rain is a sign of good luck. When the new husband lifts and carries his wife into their house, he protects her from bad luck. It is considered to be unlucky to trip over the threshold.

Showering the newlyweds with blessings

After the ceremony, the young couple is often showered with rice, confetti, or rose petals. No matter what it is the symbolism stays the same – wishing prosperity, luck, and a big and happy family. It makes for amazingly candid and emotional photos. Rice is considered to be a bad idea often replaced with confetti. The grains of rice may attract pigeons which is bad for their digestive system, if used indoors the rice is slippery and may become a tripping hazard.

Is there a right or wrong way to combine traditions?

The heritage and traditional elements help us show respect and connect to our heritage. While some of the traditions are followed more thoroughly, we have also seen very creative ways of combining them. It is important to respect what the tradition represents and follow its spirit, not only the form. If you are not sure if something is appropriate – have a chat with older members of your community to get their insight.
Micro weddings are usually less formal, and you are not expected to stick to tradition. The beauty of micro weddings is that they make tradition a deeply personal experience for the new couple and the guests.

This bridal shoot at our event venue was featured on @wedluxetoronto Visit our website to see the prices and packages for your special event www.orchideventvenue.com 🦋 🦋. Creative Direction & Planning: @inxviiievents
Styling: @styledby_soniya
Venue: @orchid_event_venue
Bridal Wear Design: @styleisinxviii
Photography: @lulakingphotoandfilm
Videography: @forevercreationsca
Makeup Artistry: @soniya_mua
Floral Design: @lenasfloraldesigns
Invitations & Vowbooks: @polkadotpapershop
Custom resin cake stand & Favors: @carlidcollectibe.ca
Wedding Bands and Engagement Rings: @lianevazdesigns
Jewelry: @prebysoiree
Cake: @kayaskreations
Lashes: @soniyas_cosmetics
Muse: @priyasidhu
Cushion Cover and Veil Fabrics: @jagjittextile

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