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Choosing Perfect Micro Wedding Venue

Choosing Perfect Micro Wedding Venue

When thinking of micro weddings many people mistakenly believe it is about simplicity. While very often the micro wedding concept does help to save money, as any wedding it is more about the couple and its feelings than anything else. It is just like the new couple’s mood: extravagant, fun, original, boho or eco.

When choosing the perfect wedding venue for your special occasion it is important to ask yourself these questions:

    • Does it feel right and set the mood for my special day?
    • Does it reflect the style and works with decor I envisioned?
    • Is the place comfortable and easy to work with?
    • Is it easily accessible for guests?

Looking around for the perfect space might be an adventure – but in the end don’t you get the wow factor when things feel just right?

Micro Wedding Venue: the Concept.

One thing you should keep in mind – the great micro wedding event space should reflect who you are. Your lifestyle and your choice of aesthetics – is a great way to express yourself. Your wedding day is no exception. That is why it is very important that the wedding venue reflects you. Once you step in, you will feel: this is exactly what I always wanted.

Young couples usually spend less time planning micro weddings – that is why finding the right space is 90% of success. From that moment all the rest of the elements fall back into place.

Once you have the concept and vibe of your intimate wedding it will be easy to visualize everything else. In reality it works both ways – you might have already the vision of what you ideally want and simply look for a place to implement it, or you might find the space that will help you to see your very  own concept in it.  

Micro Wedding Venue Design

While some venues lend themselves to simple and understated event design, others are decorated with more detail. The key is consistency of bridal gown design, event decor elements and venue itself. What is your style? Boho, modern, or you prefer to go over the top? 

The market of micro wedding venues in Toronto and GTA is not very big. When we thought of the concept of designing our Orchid Event Venue – we thought about how it could offer more options to enhance your small event design. That is why along with its beautiful signature architecture we offer Floral decor options to work with different styles of weddings – from romantic, to elegant, to classic. And we hear compliments from a lot of our happy clients.

Another very important feature to look at when you are checking out a venue –  how does the venue look in video and photographs? You can never underestimate the importance of a photogenic venue! You have probably noticed that no matter how nice some venues look to the eye, once on a cell phone, or professional camera – you will see unpleasant shadows and colour casts. 

This is where we thought a step further and created an environment that looks great on camera (or cell phones if that is what you prefer). The venue is beautifully lit during the day, offers great even artificial lighting and its key design elements stay within the frame no matter what the angle is. 

The pristine white walls reflect the light for an extra airy look and do not create unpleasant colour casts. As a matter of fact we are often asked to offer pur venue as a studio for professional photoshoots. This is the best compliment for us.

Venue Location

Although your family and friends might be ready to travel far for your special day – the convenience is important. If the venue is located close to main highways and restaurants where you could have a lovely dinner after the ceremony – is always a bonus.

The Ideal List of Services

The list of services that the venue offers is very important. While you don’t want to be forced to take only services offered through it, and have some flexibility, you want to minimise coordination for the day. 
Our Orchid Event Venue offers a convenient hourly rental, services of certified officiant and floral decor options. The venue can also host your reception and intimate dinner or a buffet for up to 30 people. Sparkling wine, cake, and food with table service can be added as per your request, as well as professional photographer and videographer. We believe in offering as much expertise as we can for your perfect day. 

Wedding Officiant Service at the Venue

While most people are aware of wedding ceremonies conducted by priests or city hall officials, the optimal option for those who want to have a non denominational service in the location of their choice is to go with the services of a Wedding Officiant. 
Wedding Officiant is a certified professional who has the authority( certified by licence) to conduct the wedding, join the couple in matrimony and certify the paperwork. A wedding officiant can conduct the ceremony in any place of the couple’s choice. It could be a place of convenience, having symbolic value, or a wedding venue or chapel such as Orchid Event Venue. 

Thoughtful touches – Celebrating with you

The concept of the Orchid Event Venue was created by a professional Wedding Officiant who has conducted hundreds of ceremonies in all types of places and venues – from a neighbourhood Tim Hortons, to lakeside, to extravagant popular venues. 
When it came to designing Orchid Event Venue all the best in these experiences came together. This concept came to life – an affordable and beautiful venue for micro weddings and elopements. This is the place where the new couple, and its guests would feel comfortable and will have everything necessary at their fingertips. There are no little things in life!   

The Micro Wedding Difference

Although micro weddings are smaller in scale and run a simpler schedule – they are filled with memorable moments, celebration, and support of the ones we love. While some of our clients stop by for an hour, others stay to celebrate for a full day – we believe that love and care is the feeling that brings us all together and makes life’s moments truly beautiful. 

What are you waiting for? Get married today!

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