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5 Things to consider when making pets a part of your wedding day

For many people pets, whether it is dogs, cats, birds, or lizards are cherished family members. Sometimes they enjoy more privileges than some other less cute family members. So when it comes to your wedding, naturally you think about how they can be a part of the celebration. A wedding day is very emotional, and you want to include everyone who makes you happy on this day. But are you making it joyful, or extra stressful for everyone? Many pet owners ask this question. What can we do to make it work well?

How to Include Your Pet into Wedding:

1. Your pet’s level of comfort in public.

While some pets are very comfortable at home, others experience extra stress in unfamiliar settings, or among unfamiliar people. While a habitual walk in the park is a pleasant repeating event for dogs every day, suddenly brought into the unfamiliar hectic environment they may start acting unpredictably and simply stressed out. Of course, most dog breeds, in general, would feel more comfortable, while for cats, most definitely, it may be a very tough experience.

2. Your pet’s training and character.

Yes, dog personalities are different, and we love them for it. While some dogs may sit quietly, or simply obey the commands, others might have a more charismatic and active character. While an active character is very cute and adorable, be prepared that it can interfere with the ceremony. Be careful if your dog is very sociable and loves to jump on people, as it is exciting to see them. Very emotional indeed, but it can create quite a stir in the audience.

3. Duration of the ceremony.

While some ceremonies are shorter, the long ceremony makes it harder for pets to stay quiet and calm all the time. This is part of the reason that micro weddings are less formal and make them more pet-friendly events.

4. Level of comfort of guests, allergies.

While for many people interaction with pets makes for a very positive and emotionally charged experience, others may experience anxiety around them. Allergies may be another consideration. Of course, you know your guests well, and care for them!

5 - Does the venue allow pets?

Including pets in the service is a growing trend but many venues do not allow pets for the fear of damage or out of health (allergies) considerations. Be sure that you check with the wedding venue before planning on making your pet part of the ceremony.
Wedding planning is always a compromise and a delicate balancing act between the interests of so many people!. Sometimes there are too many concerns to take into account, but in the end, armed with the right information do what makes you happy.

Will my dog make a good ring bearer?

While sometimes in the movies you see a cute scene when a dog is performing the role of a ring bearer in the most adorable way… Incorporating that in a real-life wedding might bring a few unexpected surprises: the dog, overwhelmed with the presence of all the guests might refuse to walk down the aisle, or scatter the rings. If the ceremony is in the park any minor distraction such as a squirrel or a bird might set her on the run along with the rings.

If you have decided to make your pet a part of the ceremony:

So you went through the entire checklist and you have decided that your pet will enjoy being a part of the occasion, it will make you happy and the guests will share your sensation:

  1. Dedicate a person, not a close relative, or bridal party who will have to be in the pictures to help with the pet.
  2. If the wedding takes longer, a great idea is to bring in the pet for the pictures, and maybe after the ceremony and then take it back home to enjoy the rest of the day without the crowd of unfamiliar people.
  3. Make sure the pet had enough food and water and has access to water (especially on the hot day outside)

After all, you know your furry family member the best. Sharing the biggest event of your life with those who are close to your heart makes your day sparkle!

Micro weddings are usually less formal, and you are not expected to stick to tradition. The beauty of micro weddings is that they make tradition a deeply personal experience for the new couple and the guests.

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