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Marriage Certificate

How to order your marriage certificate?

Order Your Marriage Certificate Online Now (CLICK LINK to ontario.ca)

What you need to know!

A marriage certificate is a record of a marriage. It lists the date and place of the marriage, and names of the people who were married. A record of solemnization of marriage is not the same as a marriage certificate. Before you can get a marriage certificate, your marriage needs to be registered. The officiant who performed the marriage will send your completed and signed marriage licence to ServiceOntario so the marriage can be registered. You can order a marriage certificate about 6-8 weeks after this happens. If you are unsure if you need a marriage certificate or certified copy of marriage registration, please check with the Ministry, government agency, or person requesting the document before you order. ​

Order a marriage certificate online

To order a marriage certificate you need:

  • the marriage to be registered in Ontario

  • first and last names or single names of both parties to the marriage

  • dates of birth of both parties to the marriage

  • date of marriage, and

  • name of city, reserve or town where the marriage took place in

How to Expedite your Marriage Certificate Application.

Order Your Marriage Certificate Online Now (CLICK LINK to ontario.ca)

I hope my video is helpful in showing you how to obtain your marriage certificate faster than the normal 12 weeks. However, you must have a valid reason and be able to show Service Ontario proof of your urgency.

By following this method, you may get your marriage certificate much faster.

On the day of your ceremony, bring to me the following:

  1. Write a letter stating your urgency for expediting your marriage certificate.  You can download a sample here.
    Sample Letter of Urgency.

  2. Scan/print copies of any documents which support your urgency such as passports, visas, employment letters or student visas, etc.

  3. Purchase and bring to your ceremony an Xpresspost Envelope from Canada Post.​

Immediately following your ceremony, go online to apply for your marriage certificate.  Here is the link and you can view my video showing how to apply online.

Order Your Marriage Certificate Online Now (CLICK LINK to ontario.ca)

IMPORTANT: Once you complete your application, you will receive an order number (or confirmation number). Please record or make note of this number. I willl include this number at the top of your Letter of Urgency.

I will then send your Marriage Licence and all documents to the Office of the Registrar General in the Xpresspost envelope you provided me.  You should then receive your marriage certificate much faster using this method.

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