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Micro Wedding or Elopement

Micro Wedding or Elopement?

All the industry insiders have noticed that weddings have become smaller in scale. Past two years have been tough on everyone.

And it certainly was not that easy to plan bigger weddings. Things changed at the moment’s notice, decor elements delayed because of supply chain interruption, and travel restrictions did not help…

Although we are slowly recovering, it does seem that more intimate events are here to stay as a trend. So if you are planning to get married in the nearest future there is a great chance you might be considering a smaller scale event.

So what is it going to be – an elopement or a micro wedding?

To understand what will work better for you, it is important to know the difference. Both types of events are shared with only the closest people. What reflects you more?


You decided to skip the wedding altogether. No elaborate planning, no crowds of people you don’t know, no long and exhausting day (as some might feel about it). Instead just the two of you, the officiant – to formalise the papers , and maybe a couple of friends.

The beauty of this approach – you are true to yourself and you can do it any place you want – a park, nature trail, beach or an exotic destination.

It is about the two of you taking time off this hectic world and focusing on each other.

Elopements are a great way to be since\ere, candid and spontaneous. The details can be more sophisticated or very basic: just the 2 of you wearing jeans, or just a bit dressed up, veil and bouquet optional.

Things to remember if you have decided to elope:

  • Send out your friends and family an announcement, so that they won’t think that they were left out. Some people might want to congratulate you and even send some flowers and gifts.
  • If you are eloping to an exotic destination, it is easier to have your formal marriage paperwork done locally in Canada. We even had some couples do it at Pearson International airport. (yes marriage at Pearson International airport is a thing!!!  Just give us a call!

Elopements are a truly romantic way to celebrate your special day, enjoy it to the fullest!

Micro wedding

Micro wedding is a scaled down wedding. There are no rules as to how small and short it can get, but it can still be quite elaborate. The fact that you don’t want to see 300 people that you hardly know on your special day doesn’t mean that you need to skip on stunning dress, decor, and dinner.

The beauty of a micro wedding is that you still enjoy all your favorite moments of your wedding and have time to do that. You simply can be focused on each other without distractions.

Although the number of guests is smaller, the detail and planning of the wedding may be as complex as a big event.

Choosing the right venue for a micro wedding is a bit more challenging as the market is much smaller. When we studied the competition when designing our Orchid Event Venue, we were surprised to learn that there is not that many in the niche. Everything revolves around bigger events, as there is more money in.

We went a different route – creating a space where smaller parties would feel welcome and will enjoy the festive atmosphere of a much bigger place.

The biggest secret of a great micro wedding is in planning. As a very compact event it simply does not have room for error. All the events and details have to be given thoughtful attention and planned out in advance. Of course there is always more room for improvisation, but the result could be a bit unpredictable.

Things to remember when you plan your micro wedding:

  • The budget can quickly get out of hand and things add up
  • The timelines for production for most of the decor pieces are still the same as big wedding (floral arrangements, cake, bridal gown)
  • You have to be ready that the cost per guest at a micro wedding would add up to more than at a gig wedding.
  • Although it is smaller, planning makes things flow smoothly.

Wedding that tells the story of your love

No matter how you end up deciding to mark your special day together it is always about you and your love for each other. Don’t do what you don’t feel like doing.
The final decision on the wedding format may be tough to make. After all, you have to take into consideration the sensibilities and, sometimes, important traditions of family members. It takes keeping a fresh perspective and thinking out of the box just to be you!

Creating memories for many years to come

As with any wedding, no matter how chill and casual you feel about your special day – it is the day that you will keep replaying in your memory for many years. That is why you owe it to yourself – do the things you always dreamed of. It will inspire and infuse with the spirit of great possibilities both you and your loved one!

You will cherish the memories of this day no matter how many more beautiful memories you will create on your journey together.

What are you waiting for? Get married today!

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